Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Horny little College Chick:

I ran my hand slowly inside my jeans as i was finally alone out in the trees behind our home. Living a house with four siblings and not even my own room was horrible. Being the eldest, 19 and about to leave for college, I needed time to explore my body before college arrived. Slender, 5 4, and only 115 lbs, I had been home schooled and kept away from the social interactions of school. Horny and ready to explode, i need a chance to get away from the siblings and explore my sexuality.

I ran my hand through my dark pubes until they came upon the electricity of my excited clit. I leaned up against a tree, my hand working feverishly, and massaged the quivering urges of my wet mound. I kept opening my eyes and glancing around to make sure I remained alone. It felt so good to play with my virgin slit, so neglected, in such need of exploration. The wetness and excitement building in my cunt, I wandered close to a creek bed, glanced around to make sure I was alone, and slid my pants slightly down my rounded ass and curvy hips. My underwear sliding down until my bare ass was visable and the slight darkness of my pubes. Quickly my fingers moved to my aching slit and I closed my eyes and fondled so lovingly and passionatly. How i had longed to be touched and f***** by a man! I flippled up my shirt until my bra was visable and ran my other hand up inside my bra until it covered my right breast. Soflty i squeezed and felt my firm breast and aching nipple. I opened my eyes and looked about, noone was visable nor heard as I slid my pants down further and stepped out of them. Naked from the waist down, I slid down the tree I was leaning agaisnt until i sat upon my jeans, legs spread. Naked out in the fresh outdoors, it made me so wet with anticipation of fingering myself to an orgasm. I slid off my shirt and placed my bra beside my now naked body. I cupped a breast and licked my own nipple as i pushed it to my mouth. I was so horny, so frustrated, as i placed a finger at my wet opening and slowly slid two fingers up into my aching cunt. I feverishly frigged my cunt as I wanted to cum quickly. I knew one of my three younger sisters or little brother could wonder down to the creek and catch me if they went looking for me, thus I knew I had to cum and cum fast!

I opened my eyes and glanced all around, noone is sight. I stood up, still fingering and looked up the path back to the house at the shaded bare path. I was nearnig a release at last, I placed an arm up against the tree. Standing, naked, fingering my pussy, my body quivering, i herd a rustle in the brush! About to come I couldnt stop as the neighbors red and white coon dog walked out of shrubs. He stood ears perked as I slammed my fingers in and out of my aggitated pussy and moaned softly. I paid no attention to him, fingering faster and faster, looking up the path, no one in sight.

I leaned over, all my weight on my one arm agaisnt the tree, legs spread as far as the could go, about to cum when i felt a wet, rough, slap to my cunt! His large pink tongue hanging from his open mouth, I watched as he slapped it again up to my lips! My knees buckled, I froze at the feeling of exctasy! I held my folds open and allowed him to lap at me again and again. With each spank of his tongue, I cried out softly. I fell to the ground, one hand upon my lips the other grasping my chest as my face made contact with the cool, wet sand of the creek bank. My knees apart, my ass up in the air, I just laid there moaning as he teased my virgin slit.

I peaked up once to check that we were alone, before I hid my face in the sand and let myself go. Ass bucking, excited bursts of air escaping from my mouth, i turned my fingers to my clit and rapidly slid them back and forth across it, the tongue sliding in and up my wet canal! Oh God I could feel my first orgasm in months nearing. I lost all of senses, and let myself enjoy every second of sexual bliss! As his tongue stopped, I kept masturbating, wanting to cum! I didnt know what was going on, just the feeling of pleasure in my cunt as i felt the large dogs chest slide over my back. His paws hooking my hips and then my sides, my fingers still massaging my pussy feverishly, i had to look under myself to see what was against my fingers. Soft and stickly, i opened my eyes and saw the pink of his cock! I moaned aloud "Oh Lord" as he humped his cock foreward looking for my aching cunt hole. The entire length of it sliding along my slit, my body bucked slightly, uncontrollably, until it was positioned for himto enter me. I closed my eyes and in wonderment felt his cock slide into my virgin cunt! I whimpered like a baby as it seperated my hymen, and slid deeper and deeper into my innocent canal. I just froze as it easily entered me popping my cherry and sending me into a huge orgasm!

Pumping me faster and faster, I nearly collapsed as his weight drove me foreward. I was grunting loudly, my hands clasping at the sand as he made me his bitch. I didnt fight, I just knelt there being used by his sexual urge. I cried out as something larger began to apply pressure to my tight pussy. I could feel it growing inside me, larger and larger, more and more painful until, I collapsed. Lying on the ground, it hurt badly, i got to all fours to ease the pain in my pussy, supporting his weight more and more as he rapidly f***** me again and again.I could feel warmth inside of me, an oozing of liquid. I bit my lip and tried to lock out the thought of him peeing in me. ( thats what i thought it was) Intense fucking, me rocking like a f*** doll to his forceful pushes foreward. I felt myself about to cum again and I herd the sound of branches being stepped on near the path. I looked up quickly, a shadow off to the side of path! I knew then I was being watched and this huge amount of warmth filled my pussy. The large ball in my cunt shrinking, I had a thunderous orgasm as pulled from me and fluid burst out my ravaged pussy. I collapsed on the sand and didnt dare look up and I laid motionless on the sand oozing.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My friend who also wants to meet Jen and her Lover

Jen slipped out of her robe again, still naked and not at all shy about her sexy hot body. Ginger took off her blouse and shorts. She was just wearing a thong underneath and slipped out of that also. It was very apparent they were identical twins. Gin had tits that were carbon copies of Jens, double d's with silver dollar size aureolas and big nipples. Her waist was as slim and she also had the great legs and the firm hard buttocks that were the sexiest part of Jen's body. It was the one part of her body guys always commented about, even if all of her was fabulous, way to voluptuous to be a model. They went out to the pool and Jen led the way to a big mat along side the pool. But jher bush was a natural brunette and very big. Jen was shaved so there was a difference.

"Lay down here Gin. " Jen said. Then she called Lucky over and layed down a little way from Ginger. She had Lucky in between them and started petting him.

"Start petting his head Gin and maybe tug his ears a little. You need to be sure he is comfortable with you. " Jen moved her petting down to Lucky's flank and Gin was petting his head. Lucky quickly put his head down and licked Gins face. Gin reacted by pulling her head away. "Just turn your head Gin" Jen said. "He is letting you know he likes you.

Jen moved her hand down his flank and gently rubbed his sheath. She could

feel his cock stiffen and it started to peak out. "Look Gin, his cock is coming out of the sheath. Rub his tummy gently and get closer to it." Gin moved her hand down to Lucky"s tummy and gently stroked him.

"Look at his cock Gin. It is coming out . Touch it but be gentle cuz a dog doesn't have a skin like a mans cock. It can be very sensitive, so nails and teeth scrapping it are not a good thing."

Gin moved her hand and gently touched the cock. It was growing bigger and bigger and now was bigger than any cock she had sucked on a man. Jen leaned over and licked the tip of Lucky's cock. It was very red and slick now. It amazed Jen how fucking horny it made her.

"Come on Gin. Get your head under here and lick Lucky's big fucking cock."

Gin did as Jen suggested and soon was gently licking the big red shaft and was surprised. It felt so much different than a mans cock. Soon she turned her head under Lucky and took the tip in her mouth.

"Be careful Gin. Remember no teeth. His cock is more sensitive than a mans."

Gin sucked as much as she felt comfortable with. Soon Lucky began humping his cock into Gins mouth, and she was surpirsed at how she wanted to feel it fucking her mouth.

"Gin, you are a fucking bitch. I knew you weren't the stiff cunt you pretend to be. I can see how greedily you are sucking Lucky. You are a bitch to him now." Jen moved around and looked at Gins cunt which was now visible cuz her thighs were wide open. Her cunt lips were spread open and very slick with her cunt juice. Jen reached out and touched the clit that looked like an pencil eraser. They shared that physical attribute also, big clits. Gin jumped slightly but didn't stop sucking Luckys cock.

"Come on Gin, Get on your knees and let him fuck you. Your cunt is so fucking hot now, You know you want it you fucking bitch." Jen was having fun deriding her twin who had always been so chaste and acted so morally superior, knowing now how hypocritical she had been, thinking that sucking cock was not as sexual as fucking. "Come on Gin. On your hands and knees now. "

"Jen you know i don't fuck and won't until I am married." Gin said.

"Cut the bullshit Gin. You want to fuck but are just scared of being a disappointment . That can't happen here cuz Lucky can't talk so you don't have to worry about that. Now get your fucking ass up and get on your hands and knees." Jen ordered.

Gin slowly did as Jen ordered, getting out from under Lucky, not wanting to give up the cock sucking she was enjoying. She got her knees under her and leaned on her hands.

"On your elbows Gin." Jen ordered. "It puts your cunt at the right angle"

Jen coaxed Lucky to move behind Gin and he quickly sniffed her cunt. It didn't take any encouragement for Lucky to mount Gin. He jumped on top of her back quickly and his paws pulled at Gins hips as he tried to pull her ass back into his cock.

Gin felt Lucky's cock probing but not penetrating her cunt. Jen helped him by directing his cock into the cuntal opening. Gin gasped and sucked in some air.

"Oh my god Jen, It feels so fucking big. I feel like I am being split in two.

NO. NO. I can't do this. " Gin yelled. But Lucky wasn't letting her move away. He pulled her hips back even more and buried at least 8 inches deep in her cunt.

"Oh fuck Jen, stop him please stop him now."

"Not a chance you fucking bitch. You are going to be fucked now like you never imagined it would feel. Just try to relax and enjoy it ." Lucky was now humping with fast strokes and Gin was starting to moan differently. Jen could see she was enjoying it and feeling the full effects of finally being fucked. Jen stood up and watched for a bit. Gin was starting to moan. Her body was reacting to the fucking Lucky was giving her.

"Oh yes Jen, This is so fucking good. It is like nothing I imagined fucking would feel like. My cunt feel so fucking good. I luv it - I luv it. Keep fucking Lucky. Keep fucking my hot cunt."

Jen moved in front of Gin and watched her face. It was evident she was in the throes of uncontrollable passion.

"You are such a slut you fucking bitch. You have been acting so fucking moral but your cunt is as hot as mine ever was. You just needed to have a good excuse to show it bitch."

Jen moved closer and sat down in front of Gins face. Then she leaned back and slid her hips forward toward Gins face. She put a hand in Gins hair and pulled her towards her cunt.

"Now my fucking bitch sis, show me what a cunt you really are. Suck my fucking cunt now. Fuck my dog and suck my cunt, I want to see you be the bitch you really are. " Jen pulled her face into her cunt hard and Gin had no choice. She licked and sucked Jens cunt and she was obviously enjoying it.

It didn't take long for Jen to cum all over Gins face. She had fantasized about her moral twin sucking her cunt for years. Now she had it in real life and it felt so fucking good. Gin was sucking greedily and sucked the cum from Jens cunt.

"Yes you fucking bitch, suck my fucking cunt and fuck my dog. Fuck him and suck me - oooooooohhhhh fffuuuuuuucccckkkkk yes. " Jen came all over Gins mouth and lay back in a satisfied limpness, knowing she had accomplished something she always wanted - to make her sis a slut.


I am CCCCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG." Gin was moaning. Her body was racked with her orgasm and she was shaking like she was in a freezer completely naked. Drool dripped from her mouth. She continued to shake and shiver with her orgasm going on and on.

It seemed like an hour for the fuck to end. Lucky finally pulled out of Gin and Jen quickly pulled Lucky forward and ordered Gin "Suck his cock again now. Suck it you fucking bitch." Gin moved her head and began sucking it like it was the last cock on earth. Slurping and moaning and Jen knew that Lucky was still squirting. Soon the cum dripped from her lips down her chin. She couldn't stop.

After she felt the cum stopping she removed her lips and looked at Jen. She smiled weakly. "OH Jen I never knew fucking could be so hot. That was wonderful. "

"Yeh, you fucking moralistic bitch. You were a bitch to Lucky and me both. Don't play your fucking games with me anymore. Your cunt is as hot as mine you slut. Come on, I'll get us something to drink and cool off."

They got up and went to the kitchen. Jen poured 2 large glasses of orange juice and they went into the family room and Jen sat down.

"Sit here in front of me bitch. I want you on the floor in front of my cunt." Gin did as she was told.

The phone rang and Jen answered it. It was Debra.

"Hi Jen, are you ready for a really different party tonite?" Debra asked.

"Oh yes. Just sitting here sipping some juice. My twin came over today so she is here also." Jen answered.

"Is she into fucking dogs too Jen?" Debra asked.

"Well she is after today. She is sitting her and I am about to make her suck my cunt again. She just had her first K9 fuck and her first cunt sucking together so she is my bitch, and Lucky's bitch."

"Do you want to bring her along tonite? " Debra asked.

"Yeh I miight do that Deb. What time does it start and what will we be doing?" Jen asked.

"Oh my dear you will like it, I guarentee that but I want to surprise you. It will start about 8 PM. Come then if you can. Bye Jen"

"Goodby Deb." Jen said and she then pulled Gin's head by her hair into her cunt again "comeon bitch. show me what a fucking slut you are and suck my fucking cunt again." And Gin started sucking Jen again. Greedily and with the submissive attitude Jen seemed to sense she possessed. "Tonite you will find out just what a fucking bitch and slut you really are."

Take your Clothes off and lets Play

Jen's training: part 5

The week passed very quickly and Jen had never been so totally relaxed, and she was positive it was because she was totally fucked each morning at the Kennel. Tuesday was like monday and wednesday was diferent only in that she and Debra had all 5 dogs to themselves. Jen's other activities went very smoothly, she was so relaxed she was very efficient. She closed 2 new commercial leasing contracts and had a very rewarding week as well as a week with fucking like she had never experienced in her young life.

Satruday morning came and she slept in for the first time in weeks. When she woke up she had a relaxing shower and put a robe on and went out to feed Lucky. After he had been fed and given water she opened his kennel gate and wondered why she hadn't let him out the night before. Could she be fucked out for the week? She smiled at the thought. Not very likely she knew. She was way to sexual for that condition at this young age.

Jen went to the kitchen and took a bottle of orange juice out of the refrigerator. After pouring a huge glass over ice she went out to her pool and went to a chaise lounge close to the water and in the sunlight. It was another beautiful day, very sunny and not at all humid. Lucky followed her and layed down by her louger. She looked at him and grinned, wondering if he remembered the incident of the past saturday. Jen removed her robe and layed down completely nude except for an eye shield to protect her from eye burns.

The next thing she heard was a someone honking a horn. Someone was visiting and she couldn't imagine who cuz no one she knew honked. She considered it very rude and would certainly tell whoever it was what she thought about it. She stood up and slipped into her robe again.

"Hi Jen" she turned and looked at the gate from the yard to the pool area. It was Gin, her sister. She was about to scold her for honking when Gin said "didn't want to catch you in an embarrasting position again Jen. Sorry for honking but I thougt it would be a good warning."

"It's OK Gin, I guess it is a good idea in view of what happened last weekend."

Jen wondered why she was here. They weren't really close as most twins would be,mostly because they had different outlooks on sexual activity. Ginger still was very rigid and didn't warm up to guys very well. She rarely saw the same man for more than a couple months and Jen figured it was because she wouldn't fuck them.

She knew Gin felt she would be considered a tramp if she fucked too readily. Jen was still not sure she wasn't a virgin.

"What brings you out this way again? Not happy living in your condo in the middle of downtown ? " Jen asked with a grin.

"No Jen, I have been thinking about what I saw and what you said last weekend and I can't stop thinking about it. I need to ask you a few more questions if you don't mind." Ginger said.

"OK" Jen replied, "Just don't judge me, because I don't have the same moralistic outlook you do about sex."

" I promise I will not judge you Jen. I can't get the image of your dog fucking you out of my mind. Youu know I am kind of prudish and, in fact, I still mostly just will give a guy a blow job. I have yet to fuck anyone. Not that I don't want to do it but it just seems like it makes me a slut and I would not be respected anymore. How do you maintain so mcyh respect Jen."

Jen thought a minute and said "Well Gin, maybe it is because I am somewhat careful in who I choose to fuck. I don't just jump anyones bones you know. I got started when we were 16 and I luved it. And I am not going to live without it. "

"But Jen, how could you ever get into fucking a dog? Doesn't that scare you?"

"Well Gin, why haven't you fucked anyone? Is it really because you are worried about your reputation or is it something else? Are you afraid it will hurt? Are you afraid of getting pregnant? There must be some reason because you have known some nice guys."

Gin looked like she was in deep thought. "Well worried about being pregnant is one reason. And I am not sure I will be good at it and I would rather not fuck than be a bad fuck. I don't mind sucking a guys cock but they always want more. I just haven't been able to do it."

"Have you let guys suck your pussy yet?" Jen asked.

"Just once Jen. I couldn't relax so it wasn't good. I did let one guy fuck my ass. I thought that would make him happy but it only made him more insistant on fucking me in my pussy. "

"Wow. my sis got her ass reamed. That is more than I thought you would do."

"And you know I kind of liked it, but he came so quick I didn't get alot oout of it." Gin said. "Do you know others who fuck dogs?"

"Yes I do." Jen said. "I know 3 other gals who do it and they all luv it."

"Do any of them suck a dogs cock too? " Gin asked suddenly looking flushed.

"Yes Gin we all do that as well. It is really hot and it taste good. Dogs will continue to quirt after they have fucked sometimes."

"Have you sucked Lucky?" She asked. "Yes Gin, and it is so exciting. I can't resist it both before and after fucking him."

"Oh Jen, I would luv to see that. You know I suck mens cocks and I am so used to blow jobs, I have a compulsion for it now. Will you let me watch you suck Lucky?"

Jen thought about that for a minute then said, "Do you think you would like to try it Gin? I can show you how I get into it and then you could try it."

"I'm not sure I could Jen, but maybe, I always get turned on by cocksucking.

You know you always called me your cocksucking sis and I kind of liked that moniker. "

" OK Gin. Lets see if we can get Lucky interested hahahahahaha." Jen knew that would not be difficult. "Take your clothes off and lets play."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a Wonderful Relationship we have Together.

hi all again

it had been a week since maxwell i or hubby had made love having just come off my period

i dont have sex when i am having my period

i am not well at this time and not at my i tend to stop all sexual activaty at this time

this only makes maxwell and hubby more eager

maxwell because he can smell his bitch on heat and is kept at arms lenght

hubby because he just wants sex all the time(no change there)

as hubby left for work he patted my bare bottom saying thats a good girl

hubby had said he wanted to go out for a long walk in the evening to see if there were any strays around willing to mate with his bitch now she was ready i was very excited and so ready that morning

i started my day with my housework the cleaning the washing the cooking ect ect stripped the beds and i had started wash the bed sheets

maxwell had been about me in the house sniffing my pussy licking me through out the morning and just being a pest

not being able to get on with my jobs i said no but he was insistant

so i removed my top and bra flipped my skirt back he sniffing his prize

(no panties on around the house masters new orders)

slipped down on my back in to the sheets on the floor getting under his belly and gently playing with his sheath

his cock slipping out almost instantly i licked the pink end as it slipped out more and more i started to suck it

closing my eyes enjoying the warmth of his cock slipping in to my mouth as he started to buck his hips

fucking my mouth as i lashed his cock with my tongue

reaching up and holding his back legs at the top to stop his humping me too hard and making me gag on his cock

i let his cock slip out my mouth it was fizzing like a firemans hose spurting over my face neck and breasts with pre cum i lay back feeling his warm wet tongue sweeping over my pussy

his tongue drinking my juices as he licked ,oh god it was wonderful my knees bent akimbo

i opened pussy with my fingers slipping them under me and pulling my self open so his wonderful soft wet hot tongue could slip so deep inside of me

i looked up between his legs his cock was still pumping precum over me as he licked my body i rubbed his pre cum over my breasts

my nipples so hard i rubbed his precum in to my skin over my neck and in to my face

i felt on fire so dirty yet alive and so horny

i got up on to my elbows and licked his dripping cock again as he licked my dripping cunt

we were 69ing each other

oh i sucked and lashed his cock with my tongue watching his cock grow longer and thicker and change colour as we both licked each others bodies

my gasps started to come so fast as he licked and licked me

his snout pushed so tight in to my pussy his tongue so deep

then he would pull back and lash his tongue over my anus digging the tip right in to my anus as if surching a way in

then letting it flow over my labia dipping deep in to my open cunt and up flicking up over my clitty making me jurk and gasp with delight bringing ooooos and aharggss from my mouth

i could feel my orgasm building in my tummy the tingaling coming in little waves building up and up getting bigger and bigger

untill it engulfed me like a huge wave crashing over me i clenched my teeth gasping out ohhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssss as i came lifting my hips to his wonderful tongue of joy

sparks were flashing in my head as i came not once but twice

i was gasping for air smelling his body and my pussy juice all around us on the sheets as maxwell licked on

i turned around on my knees pulling his cock to my mouth i sucked on his cock oh yes my lover give me your seed i throught as i sucked him hard he humped my mouth

now ready to fuck my mouth his cock slipping in to my throat i held his flanks again steedying him his knot starting to bump my nose chin and lips

i had all his cock in my mouth and throat and wham he came

i swollowed and drank as he came

i pulled back as he jetted and spat in my mouth and came and came again

running out my mouth as it became too much to swollow over my lips down my neck over my breasts over my tummy in to my skirt there it soked in to my skirt

i drank him untill he slowly slowed and stopped

he walked away from me not looking back as if disappointed he had not mated with his bitch

i looked at him as he sat in his box on his blanket licking his cock looking at me as if saying you will pay for that bitch

i wiped my breasts down with the bed sheets pulled my top over my breasts my nipples hard and showing my excitment

wipeing my pussy clean of his saliva and my juices i put the sheets in to the washing machine and i got up on my wobbley legs had a cup of tea

looking at maxwell i throught that will hold him untill master comes home tonight

i went about my house work hoovering dusting cleaning airing the house

after about an hour the washing maching pinging at me telling me it was finished and time to hang the washing out on the line it was a good washing day warm and with a good breeze

i took the washing out the machine folding it and then opening the back door i slipped my flip flops on stepping out

maxwell ran straight out pushing passed me sniffing and running around the garden

having his wee up the one tree we had

barking at the birds

i saying shut up maxwell now

as i hung out the washing i could see he was in a playfull mood running around me

i kicked his ball and it ran in to the bushes with him running after it

after a time giving it up

then as if catching a scent he walked to me sniffing my skirt where his seed had dripped from my lips

walking around and around me as i hung out the sheets

i bent over to put the last sheet on the line and i felt his cold nose slipp in to the crack of my ass

i looked back and he sniffed again i said no maxwell you have had enough for this morning be a good boy for mommy get your ball

i put the peg bag on the line looking at maxwell who was at my side tail wagginglooking up at me

i went to pick up my washing basket when maxwell took my wrist in is jaws and gently but firmly pulled me down with some force

i said no maxwell stopit your hurting me he pulled me down on to my hands and knees on to the grass

there was no stopping him it hurt

and then mounting me

i said no stop it,

looking up at next doors windows as he jumped on to me his paws pushed and slipped my tshirt up over my back right up to the back of my head

my breasts slipping out and swinging free in the grass my nipples digging in the mud

my arms on the grass my knees in the mud and my feet refusing to move in those dam flip flops

i felt maxwell hump my bottom and i knew then i was going to get it

having refused him earler in the morning

my bottom in the air maxwell holding my hips he started to hump me

i opened my knees the best i could as his cock sort away in to his bitch

all i could think about was what if next door see me like this

then maxwell found his mark with his next push my pussy lips were flayed open his dogcock slipping home as he rammed it in to my dogcunt

he really went after me

as if saying you will fuck with me when i want you

your my bitch from now on and gave me another hard stab just to remind me who was the alfa male and who was just a fuck slut

thinking to my self oh no no susan dont as i started to decend in to that place of utter lust being taken in the open on view too all

i started to moan then gasp as he pushed in to me opening my cunt with his burning rod of fire

oh baby yes fuck mommy i whisperd yes fuck mommy good mommy has been so naughty not letting you fuck her this morning i know i know fuck mommy baby fuck me as i clawed at the ground as my animal lust decended over me

maxwell took me holding me so tight

feeling his knott slapping my labia i pushed back rubbing my breasts and grinding my nipples in to the muddy gound pushing my dogcunt back on his knott

lifting my head up next to maxwells head i kissed his tongue he licked my mouth again i said fuck me baby fuck mommy

yes i missed your big cock and knot baby

he pushed harder i ground back and then his knott ripped and slipped in to me we were there

my head thrown back i gasped out in a silent scream my mouth open but nothing came out and i was cumming a huge orgasm

his cock and knott rubbing my g-spot how i was cumming

i gripped the grass in my fists and pushed upwith all my might taking all his weight on my back

his back legs kicking in the air scratching my thighs

i had him all in me i had him layed out over my back as he filled my dog cunt his head on my shoulder

i said yes baby yes i am cumming and again and again i came one orgasm after another

i dont know how i held him up and my self but i felt him move and turn his cock and knott still deep in my dog cunt

each time he moved or pulled i came again and again throwing back my head i cryed out silently

and then with a pop his knot uncorked and a slurp as his cock slipped away from my quivering dogcunt

i turned and on seeing that cock and knott of such joy hanging so wantonly between my lovers legs red and dripping and bobbing

i crawled under him on my back taking it between my lips sucking his cock clean kissing licking his knott loving him so tenderly

whispring how mommy loved him so so much

all the time his cock still spewing his love seed in to my mouth

untill he moved bent his head sniffed me between my legs licking my dogpussy that was running with his seed

i lay there coming around slowly my head still spinning my legs wide open my knees bent pushing doggie seaman out from my pussy down my ass on to the ground

as i got up covered in mud my skirt fithy my breasts hanging down also covered in mud i said to my self well done susan your covered in glory again and another shower

i went to get up looking up one more time at the next doors bedroom window

just in time to see the curtain move a little but it moved of that there was no mistake

i said oh fuck no as i got up picking the basket up stumbaling back to the safety of my house maxwell already in his basket setteling down for a long sleep not caring at all what had happened

and i to the shower again and the story that must await master when he comes home of the rape in the garden

and that someone who watched it in the window next door

Just Taken like a Bitch on Heat

so hubby was really throwing him self in our new sexual world forbidding any panties on around the house only to be put on when leaving the house saying this was to help maxwell with more access to his new bitch when ever he wishes

as we sat together or lay together on the sofa he would say oh maxwell needs a drink and he would open my legs and with his fingers he would open my pussy letting my lover lap at my pussy followed by me mating or sucking my lover depending on hubbys sexual wants

then one afternoon he came home with a coller saying i want you to start putting this on around the house .i said what if some one calls at the house he said you will take it off and only then is that clear susan i said yes master he said thats a good girl its time you started to show respect for your owner as he patted my bare bottom saying off you run pet

i looked over my shoulder with with a huge smile knowing my husband was telling me he owned me like his dog it felt wonderful

one afternoon we had been shopping as we walked back to the car we passed through a park two dogs were running around one a german shep the other a large crossbreed hubby said oh susan doesent he look beautiful i said oh yes darling such a big sexy hunk of doggie hubby looked at me said take them off give them to me i looked at hubby and said what! here! now! hubby looked at me and said do as your told slut i looked around seeing we were alone i pulled them down and off my ankles i was open to the air that feeling of the air blowing around my pussy gosh.

 I love it hubby took out a packet of dog treats he had in his pocket and called the doggie over as we sat on the bench my dress up over my knees my legs wide open i was so scared of some one seeing me hubby fed the dog his treats and i gave him some fuss lifting my dress hem up and flashed my pussy at him he sniffed it and then forced his cold nose right up my pussy sniffing and licking my pussy his tongue was so soft yet so thick and wide as it licked my pussy hubby said yes slut he wants you he knows what a dog slut you are

my body starting to respond to his lustful licking my nipples growing and my pussy starting to leak as he licked me comming up for air licking his lips and then going back to licking my pussy hubby said take him in the trees and bushes and see if you carnt mate with him hurry

we walked in to the trees in and out the bushes there were flat places for us to stop but only on hard soil untill i came across fresh grass cuttings piled on the floor i was so scared now of being found my heart beating so hard in my chest looked at my lover following me as i droped his treats on the floor i looked around and fell to my knees lifting the hem of my dress i let him sniff my pussy again
his tongue licked my pussy again and again oh gosh it was wonderful.i was out in the open being licked by a stray my pussy on fire for a dog i did not know and i was losing control of my body so quickly as he took me to my first orgasm.

Hubby stood there looking around saying your ok to fuck him now slut offer your self to him his cock is out look and let me see you please the dog i picked for you to mate withi knelt on the grass cuttings looking up at my husband my dress up around my hips legs wide apart the dog he had picked for me licking me between my legs i looked up and said yes master, as i turned around on to my hands and knees my legs apart offering my dog cunt to my doggie lover he jumped on to my back and held my hips with his front paws pulling his bitch on to his pink cock,as soon as his cock slipped over thighs hubby took hold of doggies cock and slipped it in to my cunt it went in to me like a hot knife through butter in fact it took my breath away as i gasped out oh god yes and he started to hump me and as he did i could feel him swelling in my pussy,bigger annd bigger thicker and thicker hubby said how does that lover feel in your dog cunt slut

I gasped out oh yes darling he is huge so soooo big and thick as i gasped out the words hubby said shush now ppl are around us but doggie kept up his fucking as a man walked by a woman and her dog walked passed only the doggie stopping to hear my low moans as i came on my wonderful lovers dog cock it then i could feel his knott slapping my labia hard and forceful, i pushed back and he pulled me on to his knott and unlike maxwell he was big so big i moved my hips around he bumped hard in to me untill it started to move in to my dog cunt slowly at first but it did go in and then with a gasp and a cry it was home deep in my cunt i could feel it in my belly swelling his cock bumping my cervix the tip rubbing the opening of my womb.

I was rocking slowly as doggie stopped and gave me so much seed jet after jet of his seaman spilled in to my dog cunt,i said to master he is cumming in my dog cunt oh yesssssssss filling me master he said hush dog slut hush as ppl passed i was so wanting to scream it out that i was comming i wanted the world to know i was being bred,hubby said you sure he is cumming in you i said oh yessssssssss its burning me nothing here yet he said just then doggie turned on me we were bum to bum i with my head in the grass my bare ass high in the air as i came and came my orgasms building and building untill i gasped out ohhhhhh fuck yessssssssssssssssssssss as a huge orgasm washed over me making me groan very deeply hubby feeling my tummy saying fuck its tight in ther he must be huge you dirty fucking dog slut your really enjoying him arnt you.

All i could do say was look up dreamely and moan mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yessssss and flop back down on to my pillow of grass cuttings as doggie filled my cunt,untill hubby said you still with me i said oh fuck each time he moves i cum ooooooooooooo and off i went again,hubby said you two not finished yet i looked up at hubby and i said he is not finished with me were tied together its his knott that is holding me to him its huge my bellys so full of dog seed and he is adding to it all the time,hubby said you two have been at it 20 mins now.

Just then another orgasm hit me and i said oh god here we go again as i shook and moaned and then the seal broke and i started to drip and leak i said to hubby his cums running down my tummy he lifted my dress and said yes its comming out;doggie was pulling now to get away as slowly his knot started to slip out the drips that had started to leak turned in to runs of dog seaman and i came again as his knott came from me like a cork from a bottle with a pop his cock slipped out of me as hubby said oh fuck me fuck me sue he is fucking huge.

I looked back as doggie stood there licking his own cock i fell forwards in to the grass cuttings my cunt wide open running with cum like a river his cock was huge so red so thick it must have been over 9 inches long and so so thick but the knott was something else it was huge;my lover walked between my open legs sniffed me licked his bitches cunt then walked away a job well done,hubby said can you stand susan i looked up at him as i got on to my feet squating on bent legs as doggies cum just washed out my cunt over the ground i looked up and said you will have to give me time hubby said you have fucked for 30 mins this one really used you.

I pulled my panties on pushing as much dog cum out as i could and we walked out the trees and bushes my hands so green and my knees green i looked a state,as i walked to the car my lovers cum dripping out my pussy in to my panties and when that gave way slowly down my thighs,untill i got to the car hubby put a blanket on the seat only to protect his car seat but when i got home maxwell was beside him self sniffing and barking pulling my arm down as if to pull me down and mate with me;hubby saying he knows you have been unfaithful to him.

I managed to get away to the bathroom and had a long hot bath and soak my poor ravaged pussy and the throughts of my lover came flooding back to me who had fucked me so deep making me orgasm so many times, slipping slowly in to my bath,my throughts of being taken out side,taken just like a bitch on heat.
the excitment of doing it where people walked by,where i could be seen made me shiver with excitment and the throught of doing it again;but one day with some one watching me mated,like a true bitch not caring
where or when or who or what with,yes i will do that again some day thats a promise i will keep.
I said darling I really hope you do keep it just for us, to enjoy.